Remote upload via HTTP request: Pixpie caches the content and delivers optimized content to your CDN. The original content remains on 3rd party storage.


Pixpie integration with the storage of original content. In this case, Pixpie takes the content from the storage and delivers the optimized content to CDN. For this Pixpie SDK and REST API methods can be used to manipulate the content inside the storage.

Content upload

With Pixpie PaaS solution you can directly upload the content to Pixpie infrastructure using client and server SDK methods.

Otherwise, in Pixpie Cache solution you can manipulate the content on the fly from any source.

In both cases, the uploaded content can be managed to fit any dimension and quality.

Where do you store your content?

You can use one of our recommended cloud storages, like Azure Blob Storage, or any other storage of your choice that Pixpie will use to request the original content.

Fast delivery

What CDN do you use?
You can use one of our recommended CDNs (e.g. KeyCDN, Verizon CDN) or any other CDN, to which Pixpie will deliver the optimized content. For this you connect your Endpoint (Pull zone) in a way so that it directs to Pixpie API Url.

Automatic Pixpie Adaptive Compression
As a result, the content is delivered up to 4 times faster to the end user and your traffic is reduced.
Fail tolerance
In the case of an unexpected failure of any kind, Pixpie switches off without affecting original image delivery logic.

Powerful administration

Web-based management console and online media management: you can manage your application, check stats on your downloads and optimizations, as well as manage your content.

Reduсe your infrastructure load

We generate your content in various resolutions; you store the original image only.

Your scaling is easy thanks to simple CDN integration.
Reduced traffic usage
What CDN do you use? How much do you pay for CDN? Reducing the size of your content, Pixpie reduces your traffic. E.g. an initial image of 300kB on different types of Internet connection and screen resolutions can be optimized to 150-200kB.

Result? Monthly costs on 400TB are substantially lower than those on 600TB.
With Pixpie
Without Pixpie
Your infrastructure contributes resources for business logic only. Your CDN costs are reduced.
You overuse the storage; your infrastructure load is immense. Hey, it seems that you’re spending more than you need to!

Pixpie adaptive compression

Internet connection and screen resolution
The mobile content is optimized and depends on the quality and speed of Internet connection.

Even 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi connection do not guarantee good Internet quality and speed (especially in public places with lots of people: stadiums, cafés, etc.).

Also, mobile content is optimized depending on the user’s device screen resolution

Speсial image formats
Formats we use weight up to 15-20% less than jpg or png. The format is chosen specifically for every content delivery instance.
Adaptive image quality
Optimized image matches the original by 90-95% with no visual quality loss.
With Pixpie
Without Pixpie
Now imagine that your content weighs less and is delivered faster. As a result, you cut costs, enhance users loyalty, increase business KPIs, and your scaling goes quicker.
1.How often does a content request fail because of poor Internet connection?
2.How often a content loading fails?
3.How often a content loading takes longer than 1 sec?

Statistical fact: when the user has to wait longer than 0.5 sec for content to load, his thoughts switch to other matters.