Pixpie is intelligent JPEG and PNG compression service. Make your website faster and more reliable with Pixpie Plugin for Wordpress or REST API.

What’s in there for you?

Speed up WordPress Site
Make your website faster by optimizing your new and existing WordPress image uploads through Pixpie Plugin for WordPress. The plugin automatically optimizes all your pictures. Supported image formats are JPEG, PNG. Maximum file size is 25 MB. You get 500 compressions per month free.TRY DEMO
Boost SEO
Usage of faster and better interaction with the content leads to search engine optimization as well up your WordPress site position in Google search. Pixpie takes care of all your images, so you can focus on writing good content.
Optimize WordPress Gallery
Pixpie Plugin optimizes WordPress Media Library on-the-fly. All generated images and thumbnails are optimized too. Pixpie utilizes intelligent lossy compression, so resulting images are twice as small and visually identical to originals.MORE DETAILS
Free forever
Is it really Free forever? It’s sure is. As long as you have less than 500 compressions per month, you can use all Pixpie features without paying us a dime. We won't even ask for a credit card.


Timofey Lavrenyuk

What I like the most about the service is the ease of use and the quality of image compression.

As far as I'm concerned the result you get with Pixpie plugin is very decent. Image quality after the compression remains adequate. I know, because I upload 5-6k images monthly.

Good size savings while keeping same image quality. One of my templates uses full size images as previews, so this plugin really helped me to speed up my frontpage. And sometimes compressed images are even more sharp.

Developing our website and mobile app we were looking for a ready to use solution to compress and crop photos. We have hundreds of them in high resolution after each match. Luckily we found Pixpie. It's easy to use, the quality is great and it's very affordable.